GeekNights Newsletter #5

The Geek Knight Returns

We went to PAX Prime. Rym went to India. But now, just in time for our seventh podcastiversarry, we have returned! We're even skipping out on New York Comic-Con this weekend, so GeekNights should keep on rolling right up through the holiday season. We've stockpiled tons of things to talk about from our time away, so be ready to do this!

Ask Rym and/or Scott

Listener Vichus Smith asks:

"I wanted to know how familiar you are with writer Greg Rucka. He's written for Marvel and DC, but I love him for his Queen and Country books. He's written comics as well as novels. I bring him up because his comments on the 3 Chicks podcast (in the end of his interview) he said stuff that no one would be surprised to hear about DC Comics. Cliff's Notes are that he finds the current DC and the comics mainstream  to be very conservative, excessively violent, and made for this magical 18-34 male, white audience. 
So, to bring it back, do you enjoy his work?"

We discuss comics on GeekNights a lot less than we should, but Greg Rucka's name has come up quite often. I personally own all of Whiteout, Queen & Country, and Gotham Central. I know we have mentioned Gotham Central on the show, because there are some other listeners who have been buying and reading the recent reprintings. Generally speaking, Rucka is the man, but not all of his comics are amazing. I started reading his web-comic Lady Sabre & The Pirates of the Ineffable Aether, but stopped because I found it to be extremely boring. As for his comments on the state of DC comics, I pretty much completely agree with him. I'm now thinking we should definitely read some of his books and do some Wednesday episodes on them. 

Thanks for the letter Vichus. If anyone else wants to ask us something, you know to send your emails to

Burn It Up!

The only convention you should really be concerned with right now is Burning Con '12: The TRIADUMVIRATE. In similar fashion to the prior 10/10/10 and 11/11/11 Burning Cons, we're going to have us two full days of tabletop role playing in New York City. Experienced role players probably already know the score. As for the rest of you, there is a new feature this year, the beginners track! You get to receive a full day of RPG training from Luke Crane, the creator of Burning Wheel, before you start hitting the table with dice on day 2. You do have to pay extra for the beginner's track, but it will be very much worth your while. I hope to see you all on Oct 26-28th 2012. 

Book Club

We finally finished The Man Who Was Thursday by G.K. Chesterton, so the pick has returned to my hands. For the foreseeable future I will select books that I own paper copies of, but have not yet read. That way I can save precious shelf space and retire to the world of the Kindle. In the meantime you are all tasked to read The Name of the Wind, a best selling fantasy novel by Patrick Rothfuss. I found out about this book because Patrick wrote the introduction for one of the Penny Arcade collected editions. Apparently it is incredibly popular. Based on what I have read so far I can agree, this is a must-read for all the nerds out there.

IRC Beta

We like to talk about how we spread GeekNights to every part of the Internets. One part we have resisted going to was IRC. We just didn't see the need to have an official channel as it would be redundant with the forum. Many attempts at unofficial channels have failed. Well, I guess we won't know for sure if we don't try it. If this is something you want to stick, make sure to join and keep it alive with your presence.

 #geeknights on

New Videos

It's not like we've had a lot of time to record new videos during our hiatus, but we recorded a bunch at PAX! Check them out.

New Podcasts

Hardware Sabotage

If you buy microprocessors made in a foreign country, is it conceivable that they could put backdoors in those chips leaving your computer vulnerable to infiltration from foreign governments? The US congress seems to think so. 

Faster Than Light

The hot new real time roguelike space game that you can't escape, and you can't beat. We both got deep into it, so hear us bitch and moan about how impossibly hard and unfair this beast is. Also why you should buy it immediately. In fact, here's the Steam link in case you haven't already.

Forum Weather Report

If you were thinking about joining the forum, try next week. In the mean time, try the IRC channel.

Thing of the Newsletter

Live like a windrammer as you fuck 

Fan Art

We are running low on the fanart. Someone please make something, so I don't have to post things like this.


I guess this newsletter is actually a thing now. Shit, that means I have to keep doing it. This is more work than you think!
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