GeekNights Newsletter #5

Peace Out

I am sure you are tired of hearing about it already, but it is now the time for PAX Dev and PAX Prime 2012. We will be heading to Seattle tomorrow. There will be no GeekNights for some weeks. Perhaps there will be guest episodes. Perhaps you would like to send in a guest episode for us to use now or some time in the future. Perhaps you are not going, and would like us to shut up about PAX already.

Just because there is no GeekNights doesn't mean there won't be anything from us at all. Make sure to follow us in all the places, especially Twitter and YouTube. You will not only be able to live PAX through is vicariously, you will see who is winning at all the games we play. Really, please don't forget about us. We'll be back. Then we can inundate you with all sorts of post-PAX talk! It's inescapable. I think GeekNights is going to be renamed to PAXNights. 

Ask Rym and/or Scott

Even though the last newsletter we sent out was the most successful, nobody has sent in any new questions! I went digging through all the emails sent to to see if I could find any old ones worth answering. What I found was a lot of emails from people who saw us at a convention looking for the slides from our panels. I supposed when I return from PAX I will have to make a section of our web site just for that. For now, what you have to do is search the news section of our site to find posts like this one from Zenkaikon 2012 which contains links to our publicly shared Google Docs slides.  

Book Club

The next book club selection is still The Man Who Was Thursday by G.K. Chesterton. Rym has finished reading it already. I have read only two chapters since our last newsletter. I can guarantee that I will read all the remaining chapters by the end of our hiatus. If you want to read it without paying any money, go here

New Podcasts

CounterStrike: GO First Thoughts

Well, CS:GO is now GOGOGO! We circle around back in this episode to see what's up with the newest version of a game we have played for twelve years. Also, when we return we are going to setup an official GeekNights server. I personally guarantee it. Start practicing.

The Ranks of the Black Order

It was many years ago that our friend Timo sent us a box of comic books to read. We have actually read them all now, and are reviewing them steadily. We might actually return his comics to him sometime this year! Make sure you listen to all the episodes to make Timo feel that his lending was worthwhile. Also, these are some good comics, so you would do well to learn about them.

Forum Weather Report

It seems that it's raining quite heavily in the forum, raining money! Check out these threads if you have some cash.

Building a Computer

I recently built a computer, and now other people seem to be getting in on the act. If your computer isn't quite powerful enough to play all the games on Steam, you might want to check this thread out to figure out which video card and power supply are right for you.

Forum Flea Market

Seems that it's end of summer cleaning for our forumites, including myself. Everyone is trying to get rid of junk they don't use. All kinds of geeky accoutrements from M:TG cards to actual computers are up for grabs. Hit this thread before you go to eBay or Craigslist to deal with geeks you can trust.

Thing of the Newsletter

Internet loves cute and smart animals. 

Clever Bird Goes Fishing

Fan Art

Yep (original cut)


I am still very surprised that this newsletter is actually successful. I personally unsubscribe from pretty much every newsletter I accidentally get added to. You would think in the year 2012 people woudln't want to get informed with a long ass email every couple of weeks. As it turns out there are some people who do. Well, as long as that continues we will keep putting it out there. Until next time.
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