GeekNights Newsletter #2

No Shit Talk

That's right! There is actually a second GeekNights newsletter. Can you believe we said we would do something and actually did it? We are as amazed as you are at the lack of shit in the talk.

Meta Moment

Ask Rym and/or Scott

This newsletter needs a little more action. In the distant past we have done episodes where we answered listener questions, such as The Ask Rym and Scott Show. We also used to occasionally answer listener e-mails "on the air." We haven't done either of those things in a very long time, and the newsletter provides a perfect place to rectify that situation. If you want to ask us a question, just send it to Hopefully we'll start answering in the next newsletter.

Convention Season Continues

Connecticon 2012 is over! It's never perfect, but it was still our best year for panels ever. We promise next year will be even better. We would like to thank all our staff, guests, panelists, and attendees for making it happen once again. A successful convention brings all these groups together. If one of them is missing, then the con just doesn't happen. If you were at ConnectiCon be sure to leave your feedback on the forums or Facebook page. We actually read and care about what you have to say. Also, don't hesitate to volunteer next year to apply to join the staff, or to do a panel of your own. We can use as many hands as we can get.

Next on the convention list is PAX Dev and PAX Prime 2012 in Seattle, WA. We may or may not do a panel at Dev, but we are definitely doing one at Prime, and it's a three in one! Also, it's 100% new content from us. It will not be a panel we have done at another convention, or that you can see on YouTube (yet). The convention is sold out, so good luck getting a ticket. But if you are already planning to go, be sure to come see us, tell the convention you like us, and most importantly, play board games with us!

Book Club

I know we've been delayed as usual, but the next book club episode is basically guaranteed to air on July 26th. The curent selection is 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami. Murakami is perhaps the most popular contemporary Japanese novelist, and is often cited as a major inspiration of geeky writers around the world. You owe it to yourself to read his work to gain a greater perspective on the scope of his influence. 1Q84 is his latest novel. It tells the story of two people trapped in a world where things are not quite right. It's relatively long compared to our other book club selections, but don't let that scare you away. Podcasts are not time sensitive. Whenever you finish reading, the episode will still be there waiting for you.

If you already finished 1Q84, Rym has already chosen our next book club selection. It's The Man Who Was Thursday by G.K. Chesterton. More on that later.


You might be one of those people who poo-poos on Google+. Whether you like it or not, it's out there and people are using it. If you are one of the people who loves to organize your circles, then you should connect with the official GeekNights Google+ page. It's yet another way to be notified of all our content as soon as it is created. One key advantage the Google+ has over Facebook and Twitter is the integration with Google Hangout. As we continue to experiment with streaming, our Google+ page is the fastest way to be notified as soon as a GeekNights hangout begins. 

New Videos

Radio Free Equestria 09 - Changeling Emotions

In this short continuation from Radio Free Equestria 08 we discuss the emotional range of the average Changeling. The mere existence of these guys just begs too many questions about the makeup and history of the MLP:FiM universe.

New Podcasts

Pokemon Conquest

We all know that Japanese game publishers, especially Nintendo, are infuriatingly reluctant to bring many of their games over to North America. On the rare occasion that we actually get our wish, how could we not buy it? Nintendo made a game that is a combination of Pokemon and Nobunaga's Ambition. We both bought it and played it, so hear us out and decide if you want to reward Nintendo for releasing this game outside of Japan. Also, we are still waiting for Earthbound over here!

Hardware Lockdown and Secure Boot

There's a big trouble brewing up in the world of personal computing. Microsoft is basically forcing Windows 8 hardware manufacturers to add features to their systems that make it difficult or impossible to install other operating systems, like Linux, instead of Windows. Yet another case of destroying freedom in the name of security. Make sure you listen to this episode, so you can have a gameplan for the possible oncoming PC-pocalypse. 

Forum Weather Report

Summer is in full swing in the Front Row Crew Forum. Summer means it's warm today, but it also means the Steam Summer Sale. It's a full on Valve storm in our forum for the next week with threads like these.

Video Game Offers

This evergreen thread is constantly updated by our community with info about deals on cheap video games from all sources. Of course now it's nothing but Steam Summer sale news. It's still an invaluable thread to get information on whether or not individual games are worth buying, or if a particular package includes all the DLC you want. Everyone needs help figuring out whether it's a good idea to buy today at 25% off, or to wait for 50% off later, so read this thread carefully.

Source Filmmaker

Just recently Valve released Source Filmmaker, the very same tool they used to create the "meet the X" TF2 video series, to the public. Now it is easier than ever to make machinima using the Source Engine. By now people are already making all kinds of mash-ups and amazingness with this powerful creative tool. Definitely check this thread to stay on top of the best of the best that others have done, and also to share your own amazing creations. 

Thing of the Newsletter

You love our things of the day, now enjoy a thing of the newsletter! Even if you are not a pony fan, you can not deny the absolute amazingness of the song used for this PMV. Give it a listen!

Ring-a-Ding Baby! [PMV]

Fan Art

Listener MegaSkySentinel sent in this fan art of Rym in Japan hanging out with Mazinger Z. Rocket PUNCH!

Like I imagine most people do, we love fans making stuff about us to stroke our inflated egos. That is why all our things have a Creative Commons License. If you really like us that much, please send us your creations.


I know it is sad, but our second newsletter has come to an end. I hope this one was better than the last, and that we can improve it each and every time. We can't do it alone. Send us all your suggestions, comments, and complaints. Otherwise, keep the geekery strong.
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